With a total of eight factories and 2.400 employees, 1.600 in the Iberia plants, 660 in the Polish plants and 140 in the German plant, BA has an annual production over 6 thousand million containers in 10 colors: Amber, Dark Amber, Flint, UV Flint, Light Blue, Georgia Green, Black, UV Green, Dark Green, Emerald Green.

The factories are structured – in terms of size and technology – and the production lines are specialized to satisfy the different needs for glass packaging of the food & beverage industries.

All factories are equipped with modern automatic inspection machines that verify 100% of the products to guarantee the conformity of their physical and dimensional characteristics. In addition to this inspection on the production lines, laboratory tests are also performed to control the surface treatment, capacity, resistance to heat and pressure and others.

As a result of these efforts BA became a reference supplier to the main food & beverage industries, where it stands out due to the quality of its products and the ability to, together with the customers, find innovative and flexible solutions.